International Indie Music: My favorite March 2022 releases

Enjoy my favorite picks from Indie Music world released in March 2022, in chronological order! 

"POWER OF MY LOVE" Lampshade live session - Rory D'Lasnow - NYC, Usa (released on March 4th)

Power Of My Love is part of the latest EP "Songs From An Empty Room" released by Rory D'Lasnow in September 2021. Rory says: "Power Of My Love is a song about persevering through loss. I had written this song about Darren Drake, my friend’s cousin, who was tragically killed in a terrorist attack in NYC. I went to a memorial in his honor and was touched by the impact he had on the lives of people around him (please check out the Darren Drake Foundation). After my father passed, this song began to really resonate with me on a personal level. This song is for anybody who’s lost someone".

Instagram: @rorydlasnow

"TALKING TO STRANGERS" - Emily Gabriele - NYC, Usa (released on March 4th)

Emily says: "Talking to Strangers is the first single off of my upcoming album. The album has been 2 years in the making. I wrote this song when the idea of the album was merely a dust particle illuminated by sunlight through a kitchen window. I wrote this song before the pandemic, when the act of Talking to Strangers was, well, more likely".

Instagram: @egmusicnyc


"GOLDEN HOUR" Live from OCVTS Grunin Performing Arts Academy - Cold Weather Company - NYC, Usa (released on March 14th)

Golden Hour is part of the new album "Coalescence" by this highly talented band. Cold Weather Company says: "For Coalescence, we wanted to capture how a combination of moments and interactions motivated us or caused us to take time to reflect. The first track, "Golden Hour" is also dedicated to those within our Cold Weather Collective, the community built around creators of all kinds ".

Instagram: @coldweathercompany

"DON'T STOP ME" - Amanda McCarthy - Nashville, USA (released on March 16th)

Amanda says: "I never expected to be the one cutting this song. I wrote this on a cold New England day with Ty Openshaw about stuff in his own life. When his music went in a different direction, I toyed with the idea of pitching it to a few other artists. But something in this song clicked in me. I had just moved to Nashville and was playing this song at rounds. Not only did I see it connecting with people… but I felt it connecting with me. If you’ve had at least one conversation with me, you probably know I’m not a huge fan of my home town for a lifetime laundry list of personal reasons. And as I found myself singing this song in Nashville, Tennessee… all I could think was "I did it. I walked away". And the load that took off my shoulders was astounding".

Instagram: @amandamcmusic

"KIND OF MAN" - Andrew Lopez - Australia (released on March 18th)

Andrew says: "When I wrote this song I was struggling a lot with people’s expectations and with the people in authority over me. This was my way of venting and expressing myself. Don’t be fooled by the stripped back intro… this one goes pretty hard. Possibly too hard but oh well!. The australian artist also dropped the music video for this song on March 24th, so go check it out!!

Instagram: @andy_fromtheblock_

"SIGNS AND SIGNALS" - Arielle Eden - NYC, Usa (released on March 25th)

Arielle says: "Sometimes the stars just align even when you think they won’t. And that’s what happened here. My process to getting here in some ways parallels the exact themes of this EP which involve different types of limited perception. When you don’t think something is possible or will happen, it often happens in a way you couldn’t have dreamed up yourself". Signs and Signals is the title track of her upcoming EP.

Instagram: @thearielleeden

"RABBIT HOLE" - Meghan Pulles - NYC, Usa (released on March 25th)

Meghan says: "Rabbit Hole is a song about following someone down a negative path to your own detriment, and the feeling of what happens when you change yourself too much for someone or something. ​​​​​​​I’m sure we have all been in this situation and I hope this song can be relatable to those of us who have fallen down the various “Rabbit Holes” in our lives".

Instagram: @megpullesmusic

I hope you enjoyed all these beautiful releases as much as I did, I'm very curious to discover my favorites of April!!

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